Instinct Primal – IRM

Instinct Primal contributed new track on Wuornos Aileen – Inerzia album.

This track is based on material that I recorded in hospital during CT scan
also known as IRM – Imagerie par résonance magnétique

I love the weird sounds during the process of computer tomography scanning.
You can listen the track and order the album here: IRM feat. Instinct Primal

and here the album review in:
Rosa Selvaggia Obscure Magazine

wuornos aileen - inerzia

Instinct Primal – Frequencies V3 Riot

Instinct Primal contributed to a Approach to Fear: Regeneration compilation.

Curated by Tom Smith of To Live and Shave in LA, initially for the purpose of raising money for Dakota Access Pipeline Activism. Also featured are Arvo Zylo, Wolf Eyes, Three Legged Race, Gregory Jacobsen, ONO, Robert Turman, Alan Courtis, Howard Stelzer, Aaron Dilloway, Sharlyn Evertsz, Lucas Abela, IDM Theftable, and more.

Download or Two C90 cassettes encased in a snap-front bag with double-sided A3 poster, microzine, and more. Only 100 copies available in the initial run.


Bamboo Music

Yesterday I went to Hokokuji Zen temple in Kamakura and did two long field recordings sessions at the Bamboo Garden. Soothing sounds of falling leaves and friction sound of bamboo trees rub against each other in the wind was mindblowing. Here some pictures.preview_IMG_0376-2




Resonance on “The Great Architect” compilation

Instinct Primal – Resonance was selected for “The Great Architect” compilation
– curated by Raffaele Pezzella.
Released by Eighth Tower Records on March 17, 2017

Hecate – Absolution (remixed by Instinct Primal)


INSTINCT PRIMAL was recently presented with 12 original HECATE ambient tracks to work with. 
Choosing two longer pieces to reinterpret, the final result delivers very tense and dark atmospheric ritual ambient which will released as a special LTD ED Cassette with poster. 

ABSOLUTION is the result of two rearranged and remixed tracks that get the complete sound treatment to obtain the cinematic dark eloquence which slowly develop amidst the layered soundscape of spanning noises and buzzing synths. Each 10 minute composition promises no mercy as you journey through the spectrum of grim grayscale – (sink or dive) to the deep darkness.

MOURNING SICKNESS – original version previously released on Sonic Tribute To Takashi Miike CD compilation in 2007.
 MAJESTY LYKANIA – direct from the vaults and previously unreleased was used as a backing track for some of HECATE´s rare ritual performances


Every cassette includes A5 poster with Rachael´s painting “DEATH AND THE MAIDEN”

Orange cassette.
Limited edition to 50 only!

Released on Nova Alternative label on March 11.2017 (Shipping from March 24)