Field recordings

Instinct Primal - The Sound Doctor

Instinct Primal – The Sound Doctor

Here are some pictures from a “Machines Of War” field recording session. 
I used these sounds in the opening track of the Giant Fish album.

I was using a phantom powered AKG C411 PP contact microphone for most of the machine recordings.

 Frequency range is 10 Hz to 18,000 Hz.
 This makes it possible to easily find the right place to capture and record those very deep bass sounds. 

The microphone was designed mainly for acoustic instruments but can be quickly attached with an adhesive compound to almost any surface, and the frequency range is truly amazing! 

Tension Section A

Tension Section A

Field recordings - 244 000 Buzz

244 000 Buzz


Searching for the soul of the machine…..

Field Recordings with AKG C411 PP

Instinct Primal – The Sound Doctor

After these mono sounds were recorded I first layered and sequenced them to the original beat of the machine.
Then I filtered, equalized and panned the tracks to create the final soundscape.

Ableton-Screen Shot

Ableton-Screen Shot

I will let you decide if the machine is good or evil.
It would be nice to hear what you think.
Post a comment here if you would like to.

You can preview an extract from the piece here:

Contagious Orgasm & Instinct Primal – new Album in April, 2014

Giant Fish is the result of a creative collaboration and sharing of sounds between Contagious Orgasm and Instinct Primal.

The album is a rich mixture of deep, dark, funereal and space ambient with rhythmic beats.

Some tracks demand your full attention and there is no escape. Some have a hypnotic effect on a sensitive mind and trigger a whole new inner world of abstract ideas and imagination. Clear your mind after a difficult day and immerse yourself.

The sounds are created for experienced listeners who like to enjoy
a daily dose of “primal orgasm“.

Giant Fish will be released next months on SSSM label in Japan.

Stay tuned for more information.
Here is the cover

Giant Fish album cover

album cover