The Art of Noises (L’arte dei Rumori)

Every manifestation of our life is accompanied by noise. The noise, therefore, is familiar to our ear, and has the power to conjure up life itself. Sound, alien to our life, always musical and a thing unto itself, an occasional but unnecessary element, has become to our ears what an overfamiliar face is to our eyes. Noise, however, reaching us in a confused and irregular way from the irregular confusion of our life, never entirely reveals itself to us, and keeps innumerable surprises in reserve. We are therefore certain that by selecting, coordinating and dominating all noises we will enrich men with a new and unexpected sensual pleasure… Luigi Russolo 1913

Instinct Primal on UFOI III festival

Instinct Primal will be in very good company at the festival in London.

Friday ticket –
Saturday ticket – FORCES OF INDUSTRIAL III-poster

New track: Untitled Paintings

“Untitled Paintings” is Instinct Primal’s latest 19:39 min. long composition. Just released on ”36 Decades Of Anti A Dedication To The New Blockaders – Compilation. 21”. Various acts from all over the world. Artwork by Richard Rupenus. Limited Edition of 50 copies.
The New Blockaders

This track was inspired by an old TNB hissy tape released back in 1991 called Simphonie In Ø Minor. So different to other Blockaders releases. It started to take on shape and form when I was doing field recordings in various museums. Gallery spaces are usually almost silent with the occasional sound of closing doors, walking people or visitors quietly discussing paintings, very often called ”Untitled”. If you amplified this silence the hiss starts to be presented. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Try to focus deeply on the distant sounds within the natural room reverberations and you will slowly start to hear the music.

Instinct Primal – Untitled Paintigs Dedicated to The New Blockaders enjoy.

Compiled and Produced by Kenny Johansson [Hate Poem & The New Movement].
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